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Fortune 500 companies across the nation trust Iron, Wood & Glitter to build their American Made, revenue-generating Mirror Mazes. Mirror Maze experiences are a fun entertainment opportunity that will aMAZE guests of all ages. We are your “one-stop shop” for design consultation, space planning, and installation services. 

Our designers will aMAZE you as we break the mold and fabricate a unique & memorable attraction filled with surprises and enchanting effects. Increase revenue, generate positive ratings, and promote repeat visitation with this unique permenant attraction.

Available Styles


This latest design is an explosion of colors and three dimensional layers that are simply stunning to see and adds major wow factor to your attraction!

Haunted House

Enjoy an evening inside the endless hallways of a ghostly mansion. Brightly colored wallpaper designs and details make this a fun-filled adventure for the whole family!

Big Top

Step right up, and enter the Big Top maze. This circus inspired design has show stopping lights and three dimensional layers to create stunning show visuals!

Skull Catacombs

Immerse your guests in a labyrinth of skulls. With realistic moving flame candles and textured facase walls, this maze is sure to leave shaking in their bones!

Space Station

Shoot for the stars with this out-of-this-world galactic inspired design. With blacklight paint to illuminate your journey to enhance the guest experience!

Mining Cave

Send your guests into the depths of this miner’s mix-up. Let them get lost amongst the hidden gems as they wander around every twist and turn in the mind shafts!

Ancient Runes

Send your guests into the depths of this miner’s mix-up. Let them get lost amongst the hidden gems as they wander around every twist and turn in the mind shafts!

Classic Castle

This finish offers a great effect at a lower price point than our other finishes. It’s gray speckled look provides a wonderful pallet for color transformation when coupled with RGB LED Lighting.


Have your own theme in mind? Our team will design the perfect custom creation to fit your needs and budget. Let us shape your idea into a reality. Limitless possibilities are waiting inside your imagination!

Mirror Maze Amusements



All our models feature moldings, baseboards, chair rails and floor grids mitered from solid Poplar hardwood.

show control

All Mirror Mazes come with a centralized control unit that provides easy operation of audio, lighting, and emergency systems.

Safety First

Our Mirror Mazes are designed for Year-Round Use by all age demographics. Each glass mirror is shatter resistant and safety backed. All hardwood panels are flame treated.

Emergency System

Each maze includes a
fire-marshal approved shut-off system that automatically turns on emergency exit lighting and stops all effects, audio, and thematic lighting  

Optional Enhancements

two-way mirrors

Reveal props, actors, or other oddities with Triggered Audio and Lighting!


Music Synchronized LED Lighting enhances the fun with dazzling (or spooky) lighting effects!


Make your maze POP with incredible 3D Scenic Treatments. Custom Styles and Themes Available!

Hidden Doors

Encourage discovery & wonder with hidden pockets of immersive activites in the heart of your maze.


A great attraction requires great branding! Our team of branding experts will create a DNA style guide that is designed specifically for your maze and your brand, working with you to target the perfect audience. Our detailed style guides create a palate for logos, marketing material and future expansion, all the while optimizing brand recognition!

CustoMAZEd twists at every turn… Iron, Wood & Glitter helps you navigate your brand from start to finish. We don’t just build it, we brand it!

MIrror Maze Floor Plan Ideas

Approximately 500 sqft

This entry level Mirror Maze is a great addition to an existing facility such as fun house or haunted attraction.

It can deliver an incredible impact in a very small space and is the perfect compliment to an existing amusement.

Approximately 800 sqft

This Mirror Maze is an excellent size for a stand alone attraction that can be sold as a separate ticketed event in the range of $5-10 per person.

This Maze also works wonderfully when paired with one or two smaller sized attractions in a concentrated area.

Approximately 120 sqft

This monster of a maze will thrill and delight as a complete stand alone feature attraction. The WOW factor and “length of  stay” will warrant an entrance price of $10-15 per ticket.

Mirror Maze EXPERTS